Alena Ehrenbold was born in switzerland. This country much more famous for skiing and good cheese than her national surf team. But Alena was infected by surf virus then she cannot think about anything else.

Hello girls ! Could you please introduce yourselves, telling us where you’re from and where you are living ?

My name is Alena, I’m from Lucerne, that’s right in the middle of landlocked Switzerland. Last summer, I finally quit my fix contract in Switzerland, since then I am traveling the world, but I still have to go back regularly to Switzerland to do replacements, as I really like teaching and of course I can see my family and my friends at the same time.

You have grew up in a country where waves are rare or totally inexistant. How are you become surfer ?

My boyfriend at the time was already a good surfer. He told me I have the choice, either I take pictures or I surf as well – not a difficult decision. But I have to confess, it was much harder than I thought in the beginning, probably also because I started so late (at the age of 21).

What is your first memory of surfing ?

An absolute nightmare haha! When my ex put that huge surfboard the very first time in my hands at Lacanau, he said: “Just paddle and than stand up, you will be fine, see you later!” and he went surfing. I drank at least 1 liter of saltwater and I got smashed pretty bad to the shore. To be honest, I did not enjoy at all!

At which age the passion for surfing are become more than a hobby ?

I think there was a big step when I became Swiss Surfing Champion 2010. At the same time my surfing level got much better because I finished my Masters Degree at Uni in Economics and got finally time to surf a bit more.


What kind of waves do you dream of ?

I love all kind of waves to be honest! Small till very big waves, every session is different and that it is what makes it so interesting!

How do you organize your lives in order to have more surf ?

I was working as a high school teacher for law and economics for five years now. My school was supporting me a lot, so I could also take some unpaid leave if I had a project or a competition.

You don’t what the future has in store for you but in a perfect life, do you want to be pro surfer ?

I just want to surf as much as possible, to coach other surfer girls in my SPS surf coaching, write and realise surf film projects.

How do you do to find a good shaper ? where do you buy your boards ?

I work with Robin (ROB Surfboards) for my retro shapes and with Nick (Semente) for my standard shortboards. Both amazing shapers, I appreciate it a lot, I was struggeling so long with boards and now I just love my boards!


what would you say to the other girls growing away from waves and dreaming of surf?

Just enjoy as much as you can whenever you are in the water!


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