You’ve all seen it, showing one’s backside to the lens is in fashion. There are too many booties wandering around on Instagram to count. If you’re a female surfer, here are 8 good reasons not to indulge in the trend.

Yup, we love you for your surf !

– You’re a surfer and like most connected people here, you’ve got Instagram. It’s easy to have lots of followers, you already attract everyone with your fit figure only. No need to act like Anastasia Ashley in order to feel good in your own body, just get into your wetsuit in the parking lot and you’ll see, you’ll get the same effect but in real life !

– ‘Cause you’re gonna emphasize the stereotype against which, we at allonsrider, fighting against. No, female surfers aren’t limited to girls just worth drooling over and that you wanna touch. Yup, if their bodies are fit, it’s because they work on it. Hard. Hips tight against the wax, boobs facing up, their core is firing up on their boards.

– ‘Cause you’ve got a bunch of friends on Facebook and you completely forgot that your uncle and your grandma were also on it, not missing a single piece of it. And it would really be a shame for it to get out during family dinner, and for you not to be here to defend yourself because you’d rather surf than eat…

– ‘Cause getting naked to succeed, it’s kinda like that job we all hate which consists of making love for a few greens.

– ‘Cause you feel safe behind your computer or cellphone screen when you’re posting your latest pic, but you have no idea how big its reach can be. Don’t forget that people who liked your pic aren’t the only ones who actually saw it.

– ‘Cause as a man, I’m more impressed when I see a chick getting on the board (and not get it on), than I am seeing her strutting on the beach, moving her ass around like a gawk.

– ‘Cause it’s like if a chick was to get hired for her good looks. It’s more pleasant to have positive feedback due to to your talent.

– And damn, you don’t have to be hot to know how to surf. Have you seen Toledo ?

If Johanne Defay was flashing her ass rather than her smile, maybe she’d already have a sponsor… But we like her better in a wetsuit on her board.

Photo: Tim Kothlow 

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