Julie Lauwers is surfing on the northsea, watching the ocean from Belgium coasts, she’s dreaming about surf everyday.

Hello Julie ! Could you please introduce yourselves, telling us where you’re from and where you are living ?

Hey guys! I’m Julie Lauwers, i’m 20 years old and i’m born and raised in Belgium. I started surfing when i was 13 years old at home in De Haan (Belgian coast). Now i study to become physiotherapist at the university of Leuven. During the week i live in Leuven because it’s closer to school and in the weekends i return home.


You have grew up in a country where waves are rare or totally inexistant. How are you become surfer ?

I always been into boardsports sinds i was little. I guess it has something to do with having an older brother J.  . It was my brother who dragged me into the ocean and i’m so thankful that he did that! waves do exist in Belgium, but most of the time it’s with a lot of wind and not big. But the good thing from growing up here, is that we all are so thankful for the days we do get quality waves. When i started surfing, there were some people out in the water, but now the last years, it really got crowded in Belgium. On good day’s, it can be more crowded than France in summer.


What is your first memory of surfing ?  

i remember i was scared because at that time, i just learned how to swim. And i wasn’t very good at it haha! My dad still makes jokes about it. And ofcourse i also remember my first none white wash wave. From that point i wasn’t scared anymore and i knew that i wanted to do it for as long as i possibly can


At which age the passion for surfing are become more than a hobby ?

When i was 14. I just surfed 1 year when people told my i did pretty good and told my i should compete in the belgium championship. That year i finished 4th and O’Neill deceided to support me. And there it all started.


What kind of waves do you dream of ?

A head high righthander with a lot of sections to do manoevers on. Form me it doesn’t really have to be warm water but i would be nice. But cold water has it charmes too


How do you organize your lives in order to have more surf ?

When i was younger it was easier to get out of school for a couple of weeks a year. Now it’s a little bit harder. Every holiday i try to go abroad. I also try to get good grades so i have to come back to retake exams when i should have vacay.


You don’t what the future has in store for you but in a perfect life, do you want to be pro surfer ?

In a perfect life, i would defenitly want to be a pro surfer. I think it would be the best job ever. Unfortunatly it will never happen to me because i have a lot of health issues. But i’m pretty excited to become a physiotherapist too!


Do you have a boyfriend, or husband ? does he surf too ?

I don’t have one


How do you do to find a good shaper ? where do you buy your boards ?

My regular shortboards are Bradly’s. i buy them via “The Breeze Boardshop”. It’s a surf – skate – snowshop close to where i live. And the boards that make my quiver more fun, come from Angelo (Flow and Soul). He’s a Belgian shaper who makes the sickest boards i have ever seen. Build from scratch with his hands, no computers or machines involved. And every single one of his boards are just pure art. Last time he made me an assymetrical half bonzer half retro fish and is works so good!


what would you say to the other girls growing away from waves and dreaming of surf?

If you really want to surf, you will find a way to get there. It may not always be the easiest, but it will be worth it!

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