Lilly Von Treuenfels is surfing for the german national team, but it was not an easy way cause she have grow up far away from the waves.

Hello girls ! Could you please introduce yourselves, telling us where you’re from and where you are living ?

Hey everybody! I am Lilly, 16 years old and I am from Hamburg in the north of Germany but last September I moved to Lanzarote to go surfing, learn Spanish and finish by A-Levels.

You have grow up in a country where waves are rare or totally inexistant. How are you become surfer ?

I grew up in Germany where I didn’t even know what surfing was. When I was nine my family and I went to Barbados for year. That is where I learning how to surf. I practically surfed everyday that year. Sadly we had to go back to Germany.

What is your first memory of surfing ?

The first time I went surfing I went to the beach with my Dad, he took me out and pushed me on my first wave. That’s when I feel in love with surfing.

At which age the passion for surfing are become more than a hobby ?

Surfing became more than a hobby right as I started. I was having so much fun that I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.

What kind of waves do you dream of ?

I love the waves in Barbados and Costa Rica. I had the chance to live in both of these places and surf incredible waves in that time. But of course the waves here on Lanzarote are great aswell. I would love to go surf in Bali. I hope I can go there for some time, when I finish school next year.

How do you organize your life in order to have more surf ?

Well, I pretty much changed my whole life. When I was 12 I left home for the first time to go live with a host family in France for 3 months to I surfing. I repeated the same thing when I was 14, when I went to Costa Rica for 6 moths. I have now been living on Lanzarote for the last 5 months and I will stay here for another year and half.

You don’t know what the future has in store for you but in a perfect life, do you want to be a pro surfer ?

Being a pro surfer is definitely a great thing. Yet I don’t know if I would like it. I guess I would miss my family a lot, since you barly get to go home in between the contests. However I would love to do something later in life that makes me happy and let’s me surf a lot.

Do you have a boyfriend, or husband ? does he surf too ?

No I don’t have a boyfriend. I go surfing with my friends and my host-siblings most of the time.

How do you do to find a good shaper ? where do you buy your boards ?

When I started surfing my coach organized the boards for me. Now I just find local shapers in whatever country I live at that moment.

what would you say to the other girls who growing away from waves and dreaming of surf ?

Surfing is a great sport and you should definitely continue to pursue your dream. When your not at the ocean you can still train to make you the fittest possible. When you get to the ocean just enjoy and use your time there. And if you really want to move or do anything else you can do it if you just insist. Honestly I would have never thought that I would end up here in Lanzarote with great waves.

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