Pacha Light is the name you’ll remember as soon as you will know her story. Started from the bottom, she is now a pro surfer after only 5 years of practicing. Visual definition of happiness, Pacha has a giant smile and a story behind it that makes you believe in your dreams.

At only 15 years old, Pacha is already a talented surfer. Since 3 years, she’s living in a 5 minutes walk from the ocean’s house at Snapper in the Gold coast, Australia with his little brother Yani and her parents, both non surfers.

« My mum is environmental activist. When we started surfing she found all our time is going to waste in the water but she understand how fun it is and how gives it so much joy. And there is a connexion with the nature so it brings us closer to her fight. » tell us Pacha.

Thus, surf is not a family affair. No string pulling, no board at home, no particular course and even if her parents support her, Pacha has managed alone to get where she is now.

“I didn’t have a surfboard but I love to dance so I decided to start busking to get some pocket money to buy my first surfboard. “


« I didn’t have a surfboard but I love to dance and time along that I needed a surfboard that was right for me so I went to the Quiksilver and Roxy pro and decided to start busking so dancing with a hat to get some pocket money to buy my first surfboard. » explains Pacha by changing in the parking lot.

If in France, make the show in the street is not common for a 10-year-old girl, for the Light it is normal.

« Busking is a bit of a family tradition – my Mum used to busk and always took a guitar around the world on her environmental campaigns, and my younger brother Yani is a regular outside the local supermarket with his cousin and assorted friends. I love music and I love performing and busking has been an amazing boost not only in raising money to follow my dreams, but in building the confidence to step outside my comfort zones and ‘seize the day’! »

By seeing her, she ultimately seems rather comfortable.

“Laura Enever gave me my first surfboard so that’s really introduce me to the surfing in the most lovely way probably could.”

Pacha is very expressive by her gestures but also by her words: she gives to any people, who have met her, the desire to know her. And her permanent enthusiasm has finally seduced the pro surfer Laura Enever.

« When I was dancing and Laura Enever came past and started to dancing with me and I was “oh my gosh she is a teenager dance with me!” And she came back with a surfboard and she gave me my first surfboard so that’s really introduce me to the surfing in the most lovely way probably could. »

5 days after having the best day of her young life, Pacha already realized her first take-off. Even though she admits that the beginning was difficult with a professionnal board.

At 15, she is now sponsored by Billabong, who follows her ambitions as great as they may be. Fatal beauty, devastating smile, Pacha is an ideal muse. But beware, she is not here to strike the pose. Pacha also wants to rocks on the spot and have fun in the water.

“Anything can happen. If you just really believe in yourself, you find a way to go to the ocean and have fun but always enjoy, always enjoy. And have courage in yourself.»

With such a philosophy, no one can worry about her next 30 years. Positive attitude in all circumstances, that’s what we will keep from her during this lovely afternoon and do you want to know what she said when we asked her what does make unhappy Pacha? “When my ice cream falls off.”

See you Pacha, you’re such a beautiful light.


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